Bethel Community Centre Inc.

Bethel Community Centre Inc.

Embrace life with renewed energy


When I arrived I was feeling depleted, anxious like I was running on adrenaline. Exhausted from trying to keep smiling and keep my head above water. I was looking for a way forward but was feeling stuck.

Wow! At the end of the retreat I am like a new woman! I have found myself. I have learnt my biggest life-lesson…..Love is not ‘out there somewhere in another person…. It is within and the peace and clarity this knowledge has gifted me is most wonderful. The greatest gift for me this week was coming home to myself… of knowing who I am and seeing myself for the first time. The realization that I am love and that we are all love was so life-changing and powerful…there are no words to describe. If everyone had access to this process there would be only peace and love in our world. It would be heaven on earth. (E W)

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