Bethel Community Centre Inc.

Bethel Community Centre Inc.

Embrace life with renewed energy


I really enjoyed the process of the week. It is obvious that a lot of passion, thought and effort was put into the process we undertook and I loved seeing the joy it brought to the faces of the facilitators to be able to share these wonderful tools and revelations. I am taking away a lot and I realize that I need to continue doing this work. The sharing of the team was great and the choice of companions was perfect for me. I was really impressed with the retreat. The location is amazing and the symbolism meaningful.

My companion I met with each day was really helpful and insightful and it really helped me along the journey. It was a huge thing to leave behind a two year old and there year old twins for a week knowing they are missing me. It’s worth it and I can’t wait for my partner to do it. I am so pleased he is doing the next one. I will and have already recommended this retreat to others and hopefully in love’s timing they will come at the right time for them. (M S)

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