Bethel Community Centre Inc.

Bethel Community Centre Inc.

Embrace life with renewed energy

Break the pattern:

When I came to the retreat I felt unstable, unsure, negative, and quite critical and needing help to break the pattern. AT the end of the retreat I feel like I have tapped into a wellspring of inner strength and understanding through the gentle heart of love and the power of choice.

The biggest impact for me is the profound effect of writing especially dialogue with love- the voice of my heart. A new skill is the power of being ‘present’ in the here and now so I have the opportunity to respond to live with the growing awareness of who I am.

I will absolutely recommend this retreat to others. There is so much to be received if one is willing. The power of love to tap into and ultimately give to the world is life changing and important in our stage of evolution.       (Thank You!)

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