Bethel Community Centre Inc.

Bethel Community Centre Inc.

Embrace life with renewed energy


When I made the decision to walk the retreat again I was feeling empty and spiritually numb. As soon as I booked I knew I had finally found my answer to fixing myself. I was disconnected from myself and love. Now at the end of the retreat I feel so blessed. I feel full of love and spiritually awakened again.

I finally have a deeper connection with love and a deeper knowing of who I really am. The biggest impact on me this week was the silence and the simplicity in the process of self-healing. I would recommend this retreat to others because ‘Healed and healing people – heal people’. I did my first retreat 23 years ago because my partner did it. After I did it my dad followed ad then my mum and one of my sisters….There is still hope for the other one!  (K O’R)

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