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Bethel Community Centre Inc.

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The heaviness has been lifted

Hi! I just want to write to say thank you for the week you invested in all of us. It was an extremely intense week for me personally, but well worth the effort. For about the last 5 or 6 years I have been feeling tired and on the odd occasion- fairly depressed. I felt as though I didn’t fit in. I worked hard and that seemed to help a lot but on my days off the heavy feelings would return. I had trouble with my relationships and my partner and I were trying hard at keeping together a tumultuous relationship! I had barely any energy for my children and my tolerance level was very low. Late last year I hit rock-bottom! I became ill and actually would think to myself: ‘If this gets me I don’t mind if I am gone! By Christmas my partner and I split up. I decided to sell my business thinking – maybe it was work that was making me feel this way.

I came to your retreat, recommended by my partner who had been earlier. I hadn’t had the energy to give much thought to what it was all about. I have been to courses, churches and counsellors trying and searching for answers to my pain – but to no avail. Anyway I arrived feeling depressed anxious and heavy.

I am so pleased to say that as difficult as the first few days were, it taught me a few important things. It taught me where my pain was coming from: the causes of my pain and my behaviour patterns. It showed me how my past hurts had not healed. Growing up in a family with an alcoholic father,  amongst pain and hurt surrounding loss and not dealing with it made things worse.

I am pleased to say I feel fantastic. The heaviness has been lifted. I now know that I have all of the answers I need within me through LOVE! I no longer have to search elsewhere.

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