Bethel Community Centre Inc.

Bethel Community Centre Inc.

Embrace life with renewed energy

New Chapter :

I was at a new chapter in my life turning 40, with now grown teens. After many years of needing this , things were settled and easier and I felt excited to gift myself with the new life of a retreat for this new stage.  The end now is my beautiful new beginning and I am calmly excited to walk into life with the power of love within me and to share this with my beautiful children and loves.

My companion was my biggest gift- Gently guiding me to allow what I most needed to heal and least wanted to face. The love inside is huge but my inner critic was loud, fearful and defensive. Being able to bring this to love has already begun new dialogue. I have caught myself criticizing and paused allowing myself to be present to love and the words changed entirely. My companion listened beyond my words and heard truths I was reluctant to look at. She met my resistance with such gentle compassion and found words I could hear even though I was feeling defensive. Her valuable presence was the difference that helped so much.

The silence is such an empowering gift that provides the individual the sacred space to allow healing. Yet there becomes a deep and meaningful connection to the others sharing the space without words. The peaceful nature in which the day is brought to a close with a meaningful meditation and relaxation to set up for a restful night without the potentially uncomfortable feelings from the material of the day getting in the way.

The team have a tried and proven delivery of the tools to unlock what can be the difference between life and death or at least living fully. Healthy relationships grow out of this programme and it is a safe and nurturing method to do your own therapy in the power of the energy of love within. ( C P)

Phone: 07 55 99 5473