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From A Psychotherapist:

After a few years of referring clients to your Retreat “Healing Life’s Hurts” I found myself needing to contact you to participate in the retreat.

Being a Psychotherapist and being there to support others I unfortunately forgot about my own mental health and crashed and burned to the point I was completely overwhelmed and lost sight of who I was and where I had come from. I had hidden my pain from my past for many years behind my practice and the clients I work with.

Recognizing I needed help was the hardest part of my healing journey. I now feel so blessed that I reached out to you for support. Completing the Healing Life’s Hurts Retreat was the best self-care I have ever experienced. The program was beyond my expectations and it gave me the tools to be able to confront and conquer the immense pain I was carrying for over 50 years.

My time in the retreat was challenging at times, however the love and compassion I felt from yourself and the amazing mentor I had, I was able to release my pain and feel the true peace and harmony that I have been seeking all my life.

I am eternally grateful for this experience and I will continue to refer and encourage clients as I am living proof of how effective it is to a person truly healing themselves. As a Psychotherapist I will also continue to program my return each year to continue my journey. I would totally recommend anyone who is working in a healing profession to attend the retreat as part of their self-care journey also.

Thank you so much to yourself and your amazing mentors for the most amazing healing process which I have been able to continue on my return to home and work. (R P ….Name and address supplied)

Phone: 07 55 99 5473